Blogmas 1: Christmas – Planning is Everything!

Recently I have come to the realisation that I can no longer deny that Christmas is only around the corner. The festive favourites have been playing at work for a few weeks now, but seeing as I opened the first door of my advent calendar today, I guess it’s time to accept it for what it is – it’s nearly Christmas whether we like it or not! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, the only thing I resent is when Christmas starts in shops as soon as Halloween ends. Just no! There is an entire month in between that I refuse to forget about – what’s wrong with November!?


Christmas can be a terrifying and overwhelming at the best of times for a variety of reasons – it’s a period of forced reflection, forced socialisation and trawling your way through packed out shops and streets. But planning is everything to give yourself a stress free festive period! Remember, nowadays you don’t even need to leave the house if you don’t want to!


Planning is everything! Make all of the lists and trust me, you will thank me later. First of all, take a look at your finances and make a note of how much that you can realistically afford to spend. Create a list  of all of the people that you need to buy a present for and allocate a part of your budget to each of these people so that you don’t end up overspending! Can you tell that I like lists?! Lists are your friends! I mean Santa has his list – you aren’t questioning the big man himself are you!?


Don’t get me wrong, I can admit there is a certain magic about wandering round town, clutching a hot chocolate as you trot around your local centre during late night shopping. However, a lot of people will also inevitably have the same idea and so chances are, those streets are going to be rammed! That kind of destroys the relaxed and festive atmosphere and just kind of turns your evening into a predicted panic attack.


To avoid such a fate, my recommendation would be to scour the internet for anything that you can buy online without having to leave the comfort of your sofa with a glass of red wine. I mean who wants to go outside and actually speak to other humans am I right?! Yet another list can help you here, if you just spend a few minutes having a think about what people might be interested in and create a few gift ideas before you hit the shops. There is nothing worse than leaving everything till the last minute and still having no idea what you are going to get for your Auntie Debbie (it seems everybody has an Auntie Debbie don’t you think?) Make a plan of action so you don’t go in and flail around like a headless chicken.


Thanks for reading this little post, I know that it was a lot shorter than usual however I am going to be (trying to) do blog/vlogmas where I will be posting a blog post or video on my YouTube channel every single day in the lead up to Christmas. Because of the new high volume of posts, I will be keeping them a little shorter than usual to give me the best chance of actually following through with this idea and avoiding burnout prematurely! Hope you have a lovely day – oh, and happy December!



“You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost!)” Book Review

This was not today’s planned blog post, in fact it has been far too long since I wrote a blog post at all. Although my last one was about how I won’t be posting as much, I didn’t intend for that to be quite so infrequent as it has been. But as ever, life has been seeming to get in the way of me doing anything that I actually enjoy lately unfortunately, but I’m back. For now at least.23705512

I have just recently finished Felicia Day’s memoir “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost!) and I just had to tell the world about it. I am never normally someone who reads biographies as I generally don’t find them too interesting. Nothing against the genre, but I’m just not a fan – I am a fiction lover through and through! I have however, always been a fan of Felicia Day and have followed most of her work religiously, where I can at least. I made my way through The Guild in one day and as soon as I saw that she had been cast in one of my favourite shows Supernatural, well I nearly died! So obviously, as soon as I saw that she had written a book, I knew that I had to read it.

It came out a while ago, however I have never really had the spare time (or money for that matter!) to be able to pick up a copy, however I found a cheap copy online and decided to treat myself. My God am I glad that I did. I have never related so much to a book in my life, Felicia is so honest and open about her battle with anxiety and depression she genuinely had me in tears at points. It felt so nice the-guild-cast-cosplay-felicia-dayto hear that I am not alone with how I am feeling all of the time.

Although I know that there are plenty of people who suffer with anxiety and other mental illnesses, hell I dedicated an entire YouTube channel to talking about such things! But I have never really heard someone talk about their own personal feelings in such open and frank terms. She tells the reader all about how she demands perfection of herself and her desire for constant good grades had me laughing out loud at the memory of my own endless battle for high achievement as a child!

I have never been able to allow myself to settle for anything less than the best and still have a constant need for praise and the affirmation that I am doing well and what I am doing is right! It was so refreshing to hear her own experience with these feelings as it made me feel a lot less alone – and the fact that she tells it in her usual hilarious way is just the added bonus.6gukoxre

Whether you a Felicia fan or not, I highly recommend that you give this book a try – especially the proud geeks among you! If you do, I’d love to know what you thought of it as well! Happy reading 🙂


How Blogging/Vlogging (Almost!) Everyday Has Helped Me

If you are a more regular follower of this blog then you will have seen that I have at least been trying to post a blog post or video over on my YouTube channel every day for the last month or so. Although there have been a few days where I have failed to post thanks to life getting in the way in some way or another, I am proud of myself as in general I think that I managed to do pretty damn well overall!


Before this random commitment to pulling my finger out and getting serious about my blogging and channel I was sporadic at best with my postings. Months could go by with nothing being produced, and then when I finally did post something, chances are, it wouldn’t be something that I was proud of and was just me clutching at straws to create something as I felt that I had to. I didn’t have to, it was a stupid pressure that I was putting on myself which lead to an overwhelming anxiety which inevitably consumed me and stopped me doing anything at all – so overall, not a very productive attitude to take!


Setting myself the challenge of putting something out there every single day did not come with that crushing pressure as it was just that, it was a challenge. It was not something that I had to do on penalty of death, it was something that I had set myself with the hope of being able to achieve it. This made me much more committed to following through with these promises of daily postings as it forced me to plan. I had to brainstorm ideas for the following weeks, even months, so that I would have a set post to produce every day so that I wasn’t suddenly overtaken by writers block.


I found that if I apply the same amount of anal organisation that I apply to the rest of my life to my blogging then I can actually get a lot done! I am very proud of myself over the past month and think that I have done a lot better than I originally expected. I even managed to break over 1,000 followers on Twitter thanks to my more regular postings and engagement with people over my blog posts which was a fantastic little bonus for me. My self confidence has definitely taken a well needed boost through this experience as I have realised that I can actually do this, I may not be rich and famous but that is the beauty of blogging – you don’t have to be.


I started my YouTube channel and my blog because quite simply, I enjoy creating content. Given the freedom, choice and opportunity then I would be a full time actor by trade, however thanks to many factors “real life” has unfortunately gotten in the way and meant that this isn’t really a possibility for me. Of course, I still do what I can, and enjoy performing in local productions as much as I possible! However, blogging and creating videos has given me the creative outlet that I have been so craving.


I love being greeted with a blank screen and being given the freedom to create whatever I want. Whether it is an opinion piece on something that I feel strongly about, a product review or one of my mental health advice and support videos – each one of them gives me a great sense of achievement and purpose and I intend to continue to do this for as long as I possibly can!


So what now? Well, realistically I don’t think that I will be able to continue with strict daily postings as I feel that my content would eventually become very forced and stale and I don’t want that. I want this little hobby to continue to be something I love and to do that I need to keep things fresh. However, I do intend to continue posting as much as possible and I am going to be aiming to create at least three posts a week – sometimes more, sometimes less – but there or there abouts at least. I hope that this is okay with everyone, but overall?


This experience has been fantastic and I have loved every second of it. I have connected with some amazing people who have read my blogs or watched my videos and contacted me and I have been given the opportunity to attend some great blogging events with some amazing “blogging friends”. Thank you everyone for supporting me, it really does mean a lot 🙂



10 Things People with an Unusual Name Will Understand

My full name is Emmie Eva Marie Togneri and so understandably when doctors, or anyone for that matter, try to pronounce my name, I am confronted with some hilarious results! However, I know that I am not alone when it comes to the trials and tribulations of having a strange name, and so here are my top 10 things that I think that all people with an unusual name will understand.

  1. For years you were determined that it wasn’t you who had to change – people just had to learn how to say your name. Bitches gotta learn! Nowadays, after years of fighting a losing battle you have learnt to accept that nobody will ever get it right so you might as well just accept whatever lame arse excuse of a guess falls out of their mouths first!
  2. You have tried on countless occasions to practically butcher your own name so that people will understand. If I had a pound every time someone had pronounced my name with a hard “G” I’d have more than one Ferrari by now… “No, no, it’s a silent G – like lasagna you tool!”…or words to that effect at least.
  3. Eventually, you can’t be bothered with the effort anymore and just decide to go by your nickname or first name.
    “Hello, Miss…Miss..ToGneery?…Tognere?”
    “For the love of God, just call me Emmie!”
  4. You always knew when you were coming up in the register because the teacher would always take a deep breath, preparing themselves for something they knew that they would get wrong!
  5. When somebody actually gets it right – especially first time – you can’t help but do a double take as you tear up and hug the person…you develop a special bond. This will not be forgotten friend! Thank you!
  6. When someone gets it wrong in front of your friends they are always there to jump in first to correct them. A silent moment of appreciation and true love passes between all of you as you nod to each other as a chorus of “I got your back beautiful” swarms silently around your group…
  7. Introducing yourself to someone new is always like entering the second circle of hell! “Oooo that’s exotic where is that from then?” personally, I think that my name couldn’t be more Italian if it tried – do you really need to ask! There’s only so many ways you can answer that question before you start to become sick of your own heritage!
  8. Sometimes you get it in your head that no, this time they are going to get it right, and so you repeat yourself, and repeat yourself…but then if they still haven’t got it then you can’t just say it again, trapping you both in a hellish whirlwind of repetition for the end of time! It is pretty much the unspoken law that there is no more than three repetitions allowed before you just have to accept whatever the result has become to save embarrassment. That is the British way.
  9. You feel outstandingly awkward whenever you know that your name is going to be called out in front of other people – especially when it is at an event that really matters or is extremely important to you. I can remember the dread I felt when I was waiting in line at my graduation just waiting to hear what kind of awful attempt the dean was going to make in pronouncing my surname…either way, we knew that it was going to be wrong!


  10. But you love it really and wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, I changed my name to this and took my Grandad’s surname when I was 18 and I really do love it – it makes me feel part of something. As difficult as it can be for other people to learn how to pronounce it, and regardless of how difficult it was for me to learn to spell it as a kid (I mean come on, what six year old understands the concept of a silent G for God sake!?), I adore my name and changing it seems unthinkable. Even if I ever get married, I might have to make my current surname one of my middle names, as I am certainly not quite ready to let it go just yet!



10 Reasons I love Halloween!

Halloween has always been a big deal to me – I mean it is pretty much like my Christmas! When I was a kid, me and my Mum would decorate the entire house so we practically had our own horror maze going on in there! We would have annual Halloween parties, dress up in creative and spooky costumes – and generally just have a hell of a lot of fun! There are so many reasons that I am in love with this holiday, but I have worked hard to limit this list down to just 10 of my favourite things about Halloween.

  1. It’s the one time of the year I don’t feel anxious or unsafe
    This may seem unusual or strange to some people as it is of course a time where people are supposed to be scared! However, I just don’t feel anxious around Halloween, and I think that it is because it is the one time of the year that I actually have a reason to be scared. When you have anxiety, you are constantly feeling on edge and unsafe, and so when there is actually a valid reason for you to get chills (such as a bloody, hungry zombie running towards you at full speed), it is kind of refreshing!


  2. It’s a holiday that anybody can get involved in – rich or poor!
    Christmas has become very commercialised and so there is a huge pressure on people, parents especially, to buy as many presents as humanely possible to even have a hope of keeping their loved ones happy! Considering wages are only going downwards lately, this is no easy task and so is causing people a lot of stress and upset that is completely unnecessary. Halloween is a holiday that anyone can take part in and have just as much fun as someone with thousands. A lot of the best Halloweens I had, were when I was a kid and skipped round town in a black bin bag and a big sweeping brush telling people that I was a witch – you don’t need money to be fabulous!
  3. The only time that “normal” people let the crazy take over and let go!
    Most of the time us weirdos can feel like we have to hide away and keep our crazy locked up and hidden away. However, Halloween is all about having a good time in a way that you can express yourself and dress up however you want to.

  4. I can eat as many sweets as I want and not feel guilty
    Now I am someone who has always been very concerned with my weight and how I look and so eating sweets is a luxury that I don’t often grant myself. However, when it is Halloween everybody is cramming the caramel chocolates down like it’s no tomorrow and so hey – why should I be any different! I take full advantage of the season and drown myself in sweets without even an ounce of guilt! Then I’m straight back to self loathing the following day as normal business is once again resumed…

  5. Who doesn’t love carving a pumpkin?!
    I am actually very disappointed in myself that it is currently the 26th October and I haven’t already bought my pumpkin! Every single year since I was trusted to hold a blade and not stab anyone, I have carved a pumpkin into crazy, spooky and (if I do say so myself) creative designs which I love more and more each year! Designing what I would like to carve into my pumpkin is enjoyable and calming before I even touch the vegetable! Also, it can’t just be me that finds something very satisfying and soothing about ripping the insides out can it? Right? Right?!

  6. Personally, I want to keep the decorations up all year round!
    Christmas decorations can easily stray into the cheap and tacky areas, and are certainly things that I would not choose to decorate my home with… However, Halloween decorations are awesome! You can get some really beautiful and ornate ones as well which I would be more than happy to keep up all year. I actually have done, and still have a dragon piece up in my bedroom that I think is just gorgeous. I have a pretty alternative eye anyway when it comes to style and so decorations like this really do appeal to me.

  7. Planning the perfect costume keeps me occupied for weeks
    There is nothing better to me than spending the weeks leading up to Halloween deciding what I want to dress up as, as well as finding everything that I will need to create the perfect costume! I love Halloween because, unless you want to spend a small fortune on expensive premade costumes (that are actually usually really low quality!), you have to find separate items and accessories to complete your outfit to make it as unique as possible. I love going to a Halloween party where people can guess who you are just by looking at your costume – it proves I’ve done well!

  8. There’s no pressure to buy the perfect gift
    Sometimes Christmas can get a bit overwhelming for me, especially in terms of gift giving. If I really care about someone then I want to get them something that I know they will love, as well as being something that will show them just how much they mean to me. However, money is quite literally always an issue. It is hard to get someone the “perfect present” when they deserve a new car, and you can afford a new scarf…not even a nice new scarf.

  9. You can dress however you want – “slutty” or not – and nobody “bats” (pun intended!) an eyelid
    People will always comment on a woman’s appearance sadly, and usually no matter what you wear, somebody will always have something to say about it! Whether you are showing too much skin, not enough, caking the make up on, or not wearing any so you’re “ugly and plain” – there is always going to be something to be wrong! However at Halloween it’s the point to look different! Whether you look “slutty” or not, everybody is happy and we all look different – and for one night of the year that is completely fine!

  10. It is the best time to celebrate as you don’t need to feel lonely or reminisce over losses at Christmas etc.
    As I have mentioned before on this blog as well as on my YouTube channel, I often really struggle at Christmas time as it a period of forced reflection for me. This is where I have to look back on the year and review all of the things that I have failed at, all of the relationships and friendships that have ended and basically feel like poop for an entire month until Christmas is over with! With Halloween there is nothing like this, and all that happens is I feel like I am free to be whatever I want to do! Why do you love Halloween?

5 Books That Changed My Life

Okay okay, maybe the title for this blog post is a little ambitious. Maybe these books didn’t exactly change my life as such, however they are definitely my favourite books and I certainly would recommend each and every one of them. So here is a selection of my favourite books.

  1. Dear Stranger by Mindds-website-image
    This is a collection of letter written by a selection of celebrities and writers who have experiences (either personally or in relation to other people) with mental illness. They are written as if to someone that they have never met, but they all still manage to really connect with you. I loved these letters and they really hit home with me in a variety of ways. I love it so much! I read it in two days! As soon as I heard that Caitlyn Moran had written one of the letters I was in as I love everything that that woman does. If you are struggling with mental health issues then I cannot recommend this book enough, as it really did help me and I often go back to read my favourites when I am feeling a bit crappy. But even if you are not struggling, then this book gives a really good insight into what it feels like to live with a mental illness. Something which I think would really help to rid the world of the negative stigma surrounding mental illness.
  2. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
    the-rosie-projectI read this book while I was away on holiday and I initially expected it to be some light reading for the plane to distract me from the anxiety of being penned in with lots of people with no escape for a couple of hours, but it was actually really good! We follow the main character who appears to suffer with some form of Asperger’s syndrome. He runs his life with order and structure and so decides to apply this logic to finding a romantic partner and designs a questionnaire to vet out potential failures before they happen to save him “time”. It’s really funny and actually genuinely touching in parts. Although it isn’t exactly a tough read, it is certainly worth a few hours of your time.
  3. Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill
    I originally bought this book in my local bargain bookstore for two pounds and I thought that it would be some light hearted teen fiction and the concept seemed really interesting. Only Ever Yours is set in a world where girls are no longer developed download-7naturally, and are created solely for the pleasure of men. The priority of these “eves” is to be beautiful, and they are raised in schools and taught about the arts of pleasing their men.
    The two main characters are in their final year and are desperately hoping to be in the top ten most beautiful girls in their year so that they will be chosen as companions/wives to rich and powerful men. The alternatives to this lifestyle? A life as a concubine or as a chastity whereby they will be teaching endless generations of women to be successful where they have failed.
    What struck me so hard is the fact that although the concept is so foreign and extreme, the similarities to the thought process of young girls in today’s society is worryingly similar! The focus with beauty and the obsession with perfection when it comes to their body image. A really cleverly formulated and written young adult fiction – no matter what your age, I recommend you give this a try!
  4. Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach
    41bgy1cx6l-_sx328_bo1204203200_This was completely not what I was expecting and within a few chapters had completely blown me away! This book is focused around Leila, the main character, who spends more of her time online than in the real world – only really going outside to buy food and go to work! She appears to be the perfect candidate to take over the online identity of the bubbly yet extremely fragile Tess, who is desperately looking to disappear. I don’t really want to say any more about this story as it will ruin everything for you, and what I love about this book is the twists that seem to come out of nowhere. All I will say is when you are on the internet, we can be anyone that we choose to be…
  5. Hamlet by William Shakespeare
    Okay, I know that this is not necessarily a book, it’s a play, but it is an amazing story! If you have been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with the story of this outstanding play then here is a quick (very quick!) summary. Prince Hamlet is depressed, like very He is having to travel back home to Denmark from his school in Germany to attend the hamlet-320x203funeral of his Dad who has recently (like, very very recently) passed away. When he gets back he is disgusted to find that his Mum has already remarried…his Dad’s brother! Unsurprisingly, Hamlet is pissed and as far as he is concerned it is “foul incest!”. The speech in it where he speaks about potential suicide and the difficulties of merely living (you know the one, “to be or not to be, that is the question…”) really resonated with me, and I have always kept my well worn copy close by to re-read when I am struggling, and has really helped.


What are your favourite books and have you read any of the ones that I mentioned? I’d love to hear what you thought about them as well! Also, if you have any book recommendations that you think I would like then please let me know, I’m trying to keep reading as much as I possibly can at the moment!


“Single Parent Families Will Fail”!?

As we are still inexplicably under a Tory government, I have heard this statement far too often. The attitude that we should look down on single parent families and that they should almost be punished for daring to not fit the confines of the nuclear family. I am here to go on the record to say screw that. Such a narrow minded and cold attitude to such a complex matter is not only immature, but it is naïve and irresponsible as well – and should certainly not be one held by some of the most powerful people in the country!11695817_10153522772506060_8575958169552876715_n

A single parent family does not have to mean single Mum living in a council house that she has always dreamed of, claiming off the dole and scrounging the government out of every penny that she can for all of her eight kids! The conservatives seem to have developed an almost cartoon like portrayal of working class families, which sadly seems to include single parents.

Single parent families are not necessarily always a bad thing, and certainly do not have to mean that either parent was incapable or irresponsible to their duties as a parent. A parent may have unfortunately passed away, the family may have been through a series of abuse, or it can be down to the sad but common fact that sometimes people do just fall out of love. There doesn’t have to be a long running stream of abuse or hatred, sometimes feelings can just change, and that’s okay.

lb7During my childhood it was pretty much just always me and my Mum, that is after we got away from my abusive biological father. But even though we were a single parent family, I loved every second of it! We are so unbelievably close, a closeness that I have never observed with any children and mothers from nuclear families. I am by no means saying that this is not possible, however I don’t believe that me and my mum would have been this close if my dad had still been in the picture. I also got to spend a hell of a lot of time with my grandparents (I even call them Mum and Dad now!)  as my mum had to go to work as she was the only one to provide for us.

“Single parent” needs to stop being such a taboo phrase, would you rather the child be raised in a toxic environment, or one where they were not getting the support that they needed? Of course not, sometimes for the best care to be possible, the parents need to live apart – sadly, sometimes it is that simple. I am so thankful for these family relationships that I have developed over the years thanks to my single parent family. My Mum is, and always has been, more like a best friend than an oppressive parental figure. We respect and love each other, and always have each others back. She is the one person I can turn to for support, and I cherish my childhood that we spent together, even when though it was “just me and her”!


Top 10 Interview Tips

As someone who has recently been flung back into the jobs market searching out new and exciting employment, I have seen the struggles that we millennials are facing when it comes to finding work. Saying that, after a few successful ones and a handful job offers, here are my top 10 interview tips – disclaimer: I am in no means an expert! I am just a nerdy twenty something with access to a laptop and delusions that anyone would be interested in listening to me! 🙂

  1. Be Confident!
    There is a fine line between arrogance and confidence however it is important you find it and use it to your advantage in your next interview! In an interview you are essentially a sales person and you are selling yourself, you need to show that you are passionate about what you are talking about. Show these people that you are images-2proud of the things that you have achieved so far and talk about the opportunities that they could offer. Make sure that they know just how much of an excellent choice that you would be for this position!
  2. Don’t lie!
    Although most people can be forgiven for “embellishing” their CV for the love of God do not outright lie! It is so easy to be caught out in a lie, especially when you have been put on the spot and when it comes to interviews, first impressions are everything! Of course you can elaborate a little with certain details to make yourself shine a little more than you may have originally done. But plain and simple lying never ends well and is just another thing for you to try and remember so that you don’t get caught out!


  3. Do your research!
    Make sure you are walking into that room as prepared as you possibly can be! Research the company – where and when they originated, their reputation in the local area, find out what do previous or current employees think of working there. Be sure that you are ready for whatever questions that they can throw at you, as well as making sure that they know how capable you are as well as highlighting that you can use initiative to find out as much as you can about them and prove just how much you want to work there.
  4. Sell yourself!
    You know how great you are, so convince them of it as well! You are amazing and they are just waiting to hear all about your great qualities. Make a list of your skills and achievements and practice in front of the mirror. Talk about how much you have achieved in your life and remember to relate everything back to the job specification and how you are the perfect fit for it – make sure you leave them in no doubt that they would be lucky to have you.
  5. Smile!
    images-3Everyone looks better when they are wearing a smile! Of course the content of what you are saying matters but you are really selling yourself as best as you can. A smile helps you to give the best first impression possible, and so will only ever embellish what you are saying. While the interview panel are talking to you, they are not just looking to see if you could physically do the job, they are also looking to find someone that would be a pleasure to work with. Nobody wants to go to work when they are surrounded with people they don’t get on with and drag them down. Showing off that beautiful smile will help them to see your happy and bubbly personality shining through so that they know that you would be an excellent asset to the company.
  6. Have your practice answers at the ready!
    Although no two interviews are ever going to be exactly the same as there isn’t a universal script that they run off, there are certainly common themes running through most of them. A simple Google search can help you to find some common interview questions and YouTube has some excellent role playing situation and advice videos on the best responses to give. Although you won’t know exactly what they are going to ask of you, use your initiative to hazard an educated guess as to the topic of conversation that they will wish to take with you. I always end up downloading an interview prep app which asks me common interview questions and gives me chance to formulate and learn my own responses.
  7. Why do you want to work there?
    Be honest…well as honest as you can be! Chances are the undesirability of starving to death and becoming homeless has been a large motivator in your decision to seek employment, however there must have been a reason that you decided to send that application to that specific role. What excited you about the job specification? Have you heard any good things about what it is like to work for the company from previous or current employees? Have you enjoyed the company as a customer, and what about the service that you received did you enjoy? Let them see your passion and show them that you are genuinely interested in the position and not the just the pay cheque that will come alongside it!


  8. Have examples of your skills on hand!
    You will always be asked about your current skill set and so to save floundering around like an idiot by being put on the spot, it is important that you have a handful of examples ready and waiting to go. Interviewers will always ask for similar skill sets – organisation, working well in a team, great customer service and time keeping. You are likely to be asked about your skills in these areas and you will be required to give examples, and details of times that you have used these skills in previous employment to your advantage. Make sure that you have a few examples that really make you shine and show your potential and highlight how they would be stupid not to hire you!
  9. You know that you can do this, make them believe it too!
    You must know that you can do this job well or you wouldn’t have applied for it. You have the skills and the experience that are required for this job and you know that your temperament and character will be an asset to the company and make customers feel happy and assured that they are always in safe hands with you. All you need to do now is to make the interview panel see that too! It’s not as difficult as it seems, make a list and practice reciting it at home consisting of your skills, qualities and achievements all of which are relevant to that specific job in question.
  10. Try and relax!
    Job interviews can be stressful and scary and nobody likes having to sit in front of strangers and essentially brag for half an hour! However, they are there in the hope that you are exactly what they have been looking for – and you know that you are! So sit back, try and relax and make this the best and most enjoyable interview that they have ever sat through! I believe in you – good luck!