We’re Engaged!

So, you aren’t going to believe this…but I am engaged! Despite the fact that I still think that Quorn nuggets, Alphabites and sweetcorn is a balanced meal, despite the fact that my cat themed trainers light up in the heels – little old me, is getting married! Pretty much for our whole relationship, me and Mike had spoken about marriage. Everything was “when we get married”, it always just seemed like a given. It was always just a matter of when, not if.


In hindsight, I totally should have seen the proposal coming, Mike is certainly not tactful with that stuff! He had taken my other rings off one night and tried them on my other fingers one night and was asking about sizing. Again though, I knew that one day we would get married, this was just the sort of thing that we always talked about – so I thought nothing of it. Then he started asking about wedding logistics, as in who would we invite, who would I have as bridesmaids etc – but again, I thought nothing of it as we spoke of our wedding pretty much daily anyway! I also realized that I will have an equal split of male and female bridesmaids as I don’t really have a group of “girls”, I love my boys too!


It was our second anniversary and the day before I had been searching for a plan for us to do. I am certainly someone who needs a plan, I can’t just ‘wing it’ or my anxiety sky rockets. We were going to go up to Ingleton and have a walk through the country together, as soon as we got downstairs Mike asked if we could do presents first. “Sure” I said, sounds good to me. He moved the coffee table out of the way and got on the floor, I questioned him and he said his back hurt! We exchanged gifts and he spoilt me far too much! Finally he hands me a jewellery box, with a knot ‘promise’ style ring. I thought it was lovely and put it on my thumb, this was a nice way of being engaged to be engaged right?


As soon as I had put it on my thumb, he hands me a smaller ring box and said “but wouldn’t you prefer this one?”. I open it, and it was absolutely gorgeous, completely my taste but it couldn’t be could it? Turns out, he had got nervous and had forgot to ask the question! But he was on one knee so he gets credit there! He finally asks me, I cry, we laugh and then we spend the majority of the rest of the day telling my immediate family. I went to my Mum’s and told her and my step Dad and step sister Mollie, and then went to my Nana’s who thought that we were already engaged! But was happy none the less, bless her.


So, this is what being engaged feels like eh? Honestly, I have never been happier and the since I’ve updated my relationship status on Facebook, genuinely my targeted ads have been insane. Everything is just weddings! Sufficed to say, we will certainly be waiting to do anything until this current plague had died off, as I would like to actually have my family at the wedding! We know what kind of thing we want, as like I say, we have spoke about this a lot prior to getting engaged. But the idea of planning it all together and bringing that idea into reality is extremely exciting. I cannot wait until I can say I am his wife, and he my husband. I love him to pieces, and cannot wait for every second of our future together.




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