How Blogging/Vlogging (Almost!) Everyday Has Helped Me

If you are a more regular follower of this blog then you will have seen that I have at least been trying to post a blog post or video over on my YouTube channel every day for the last month or so. Although there have been a few days where I have failed to post thanks to life getting in the way in some way or another, I am proud of myself as in general I think that I managed to do pretty damn well overall!


Before this random commitment to pulling my finger out and getting serious about my blogging and channel I was sporadic at best with my postings. Months could go by with nothing being produced, and then when I finally did post something, chances are, it wouldn’t be something that I was proud of and was just me clutching at straws to create something as I felt that I had to. I didn’t have to, it was a stupid pressure that I was putting on myself which lead to an overwhelming anxiety which inevitably consumed me and stopped me doing anything at all – so overall, not a very productive attitude to take!


Setting myself the challenge of putting something out there every single day did not come with that crushing pressure as it was just that, it was a challenge. It was not something that I had to do on penalty of death, it was something that I had set myself with the hope of being able to achieve it. This made me much more committed to following through with these promises of daily postings as it forced me to plan. I had to brainstorm ideas for the following weeks, even months, so that I would have a set post to produce every day so that I wasn’t suddenly overtaken by writers block.


I found that if I apply the same amount of anal organisation that I apply to the rest of my life to my blogging then I can actually get a lot done! I am very proud of myself over the past month and think that I have done a lot better than I originally expected. I even managed to break over 1,000 followers on Twitter thanks to my more regular postings and engagement with people over my blog posts which was a fantastic little bonus for me. My self confidence has definitely taken a well needed boost through this experience as I have realised that I can actually do this, I may not be rich and famous but that is the beauty of blogging – you don’t have to be.


I started my YouTube channel and my blog because quite simply, I enjoy creating content. Given the freedom, choice and opportunity then I would be a full time actor by trade, however thanks to many factors “real life” has unfortunately gotten in the way and meant that this isn’t really a possibility for me. Of course, I still do what I can, and enjoy performing in local productions as much as I possible! However, blogging and creating videos has given me the creative outlet that I have been so craving.


I love being greeted with a blank screen and being given the freedom to create whatever I want. Whether it is an opinion piece on something that I feel strongly about, a product review or one of my mental health advice and support videos – each one of them gives me a great sense of achievement and purpose and I intend to continue to do this for as long as I possibly can!


So what now? Well, realistically I don’t think that I will be able to continue with strict daily postings as I feel that my content would eventually become very forced and stale and I don’t want that. I want this little hobby to continue to be something I love and to do that I need to keep things fresh. However, I do intend to continue posting as much as possible and I am going to be aiming to create at least three posts a week – sometimes more, sometimes less – but there or there abouts at least. I hope that this is okay with everyone, but overall?


This experience has been fantastic and I have loved every second of it. I have connected with some amazing people who have read my blogs or watched my videos and contacted me and I have been given the opportunity to attend some great blogging events with some amazing “blogging friends”. Thank you everyone for supporting me, it really does mean a lot 🙂



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