10 Reasons I love Halloween!

Halloween has always been a big deal to me – I mean it is pretty much like my Christmas! When I was a kid, me and my Mum would decorate the entire house so we practically had our own horror maze going on in there! We would have annual Halloween parties, dress up in creative and spooky costumes – and generally just have a hell of a lot of fun! There are so many reasons that I am in love with this holiday, but I have worked hard to limit this list down to just 10 of my favourite things about Halloween.

  1. It’s the one time of the year I don’t feel anxious or unsafe
    This may seem unusual or strange to some people as it is of course a time where people are supposed to be scared! However, I just don’t feel anxious around Halloween, and I think that it is because it is the one time of the year that I actually have a reason to be scared. When you have anxiety, you are constantly feeling on edge and unsafe, and so when there is actually a valid reason for you to get chills (such as a bloody, hungry zombie running towards you at full speed), it is kind of refreshing!


  2. It’s a holiday that anybody can get involved in – rich or poor!
    Christmas has become very commercialised and so there is a huge pressure on people, parents especially, to buy as many presents as humanely possible to even have a hope of keeping their loved ones happy! Considering wages are only going downwards lately, this is no easy task and so is causing people a lot of stress and upset that is completely unnecessary. Halloween is a holiday that anyone can take part in and have just as much fun as someone with thousands. A lot of the best Halloweens I had, were when I was a kid and skipped round town in a black bin bag and a big sweeping brush telling people that I was a witch – you don’t need money to be fabulous!
  3. The only time that “normal” people let the crazy take over and let go!
    Most of the time us weirdos can feel like we have to hide away and keep our crazy locked up and hidden away. However, Halloween is all about having a good time in a way that you can express yourself and dress up however you want to.

  4. I can eat as many sweets as I want and not feel guilty
    Now I am someone who has always been very concerned with my weight and how I look and so eating sweets is a luxury that I don’t often grant myself. However, when it is Halloween everybody is cramming the caramel chocolates down like it’s no tomorrow and so hey – why should I be any different! I take full advantage of the season and drown myself in sweets without even an ounce of guilt! Then I’m straight back to self loathing the following day as normal business is once again resumed…

  5. Who doesn’t love carving a pumpkin?!
    I am actually very disappointed in myself that it is currently the 26th October and I haven’t already bought my pumpkin! Every single year since I was trusted to hold a blade and not stab anyone, I have carved a pumpkin into crazy, spooky and (if I do say so myself) creative designs which I love more and more each year! Designing what I would like to carve into my pumpkin is enjoyable and calming before I even touch the vegetable! Also, it can’t just be me that finds something very satisfying and soothing about ripping the insides out can it? Right? Right?!

  6. Personally, I want to keep the decorations up all year round!
    Christmas decorations can easily stray into the cheap and tacky areas, and are certainly things that I would not choose to decorate my home with… However, Halloween decorations are awesome! You can get some really beautiful and ornate ones as well which I would be more than happy to keep up all year. I actually have done, and still have a dragon piece up in my bedroom that I think is just gorgeous. I have a pretty alternative eye anyway when it comes to style and so decorations like this really do appeal to me.

  7. Planning the perfect costume keeps me occupied for weeks
    There is nothing better to me than spending the weeks leading up to Halloween deciding what I want to dress up as, as well as finding everything that I will need to create the perfect costume! I love Halloween because, unless you want to spend a small fortune on expensive premade costumes (that are actually usually really low quality!), you have to find separate items and accessories to complete your outfit to make it as unique as possible. I love going to a Halloween party where people can guess who you are just by looking at your costume – it proves I’ve done well!

  8. There’s no pressure to buy the perfect gift
    Sometimes Christmas can get a bit overwhelming for me, especially in terms of gift giving. If I really care about someone then I want to get them something that I know they will love, as well as being something that will show them just how much they mean to me. However, money is quite literally always an issue. It is hard to get someone the “perfect present” when they deserve a new car, and you can afford a new scarf…not even a nice new scarf.

  9. You can dress however you want – “slutty” or not – and nobody “bats” (pun intended!) an eyelid
    People will always comment on a woman’s appearance sadly, and usually no matter what you wear, somebody will always have something to say about it! Whether you are showing too much skin, not enough, caking the make up on, or not wearing any so you’re “ugly and plain” – there is always going to be something to be wrong! However at Halloween it’s the point to look different! Whether you look “slutty” or not, everybody is happy and we all look different – and for one night of the year that is completely fine!

  10. It is the best time to celebrate as you don’t need to feel lonely or reminisce over losses at Christmas etc.
    As I have mentioned before on this blog as well as on my YouTube channel, I often really struggle at Christmas time as it a period of forced reflection for me. This is where I have to look back on the year and review all of the things that I have failed at, all of the relationships and friendships that have ended and basically feel like poop for an entire month until Christmas is over with! With Halloween there is nothing like this, and all that happens is I feel like I am free to be whatever I want to do! Why do you love Halloween?

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