10 Daily Wins for People with Anxiety

I suffer with anxiety and bipolar disorder and so everyday tasks such as making it out of bed can be a huge task for me and can mean a lot if I can achieve them. These things are often not accepted by society as much of a big deal, however I know how hard you have worked to achieve your goals, and so here is a list of my 10 daily wins for people suffering with anxiety.

  1. Getting through a day at work without having to run off to the toilet for a secret cry
    If you suffer with anxiety then it is very likely that you will have had to take a little break from your work day to disappear to the bathroom. There is no sign of weakness in doing this, whatever helps and works for you then do it, however it feels pretty damn good when you manage to leave at the end of the day without having to run off for a teary respite!  210f68daf7bf8218a16a0daaa7670f40
  2. Answering a phone call
    Most of us hate phones, and in this world of online messaging that is usually fine! However, sometimes people need to actually speak to us (unfortunately) and I always feel really proud of myself when I manage to answer a phone call. Usually I just let it go to voicemail and text them back 🙂 

  3. Getting out of the house when you didn’t have to
    When you suffer with anxiety it can be so easy to just keep yourself locked up so that you are stuck inside with your own thoughts. This can be really damaging, so getting yourself out of the front door is a huge achievement.
  4. Calling someone when you could have just as easily sent them a text
    Phones suck! I know that I pretty much do all of my communication via Facebook messenger as talking on the finephone makes me feel sick. I feel so damn proud of myself when I feel strong enough to actually make a call.
  5. Walking through a busy street or shop
    Whenever I am at work in my local town centre, every Wednesday and Saturday is market day and this is when it is totally rammed! So walking through is a horrible idea 90% of the time. Managing to get through all those people is a much bigger achievement than I give myself credit for.
  6. Making it to the end of the day without having a panic attack
    Panic attacks are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and sometimes they seem to be inevitable. They are an absolutely horrible experience to go through and I go through periods of having multiple panic attacks in a short period of time. When you know that you have a big and important day ahead of you it can be such a relief to reach the end of it without one.
  7. Continuing with your day even if you do have a panic attack
    As I said, panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of and they happen from time to time, as shitty as they are. Even if you do end up having a panic attack, the ability to be able to calm yourself down and pick yourself up again is a huge deal and you should be extremely proud of yourself when you carry on with your day.234704d066cfb78c2a65242561fbd971
  8. Remembering to eat
    Anxiety makes you feel sick, like all the time! Which means that you hardly  want to eat all of the things thanks to constantly feeling like you want to vom, however its important that you have something as making yourself ill isn’t going to do you any good either. Even if you do feel sick, pushing yourself to have something, no matter how small is a fantastic thing. I’m proud of you for looking after your physical health as well as your mental health as they really are just as important as each other.
  9. Being able to say no even when it would have been much easier to go along with it regardless of what you wanted
    I suffer with this more than most other things I think, I can’t say no. When I know that someone wants me to act a certain way, and that such actions would lead to them being happy, I find it very difficult to not just go along with what they want to make them smile. I know that deep down I don’t want to do the thing, and that I would much rather do things my own way, however actually verbalising this makes me feel terrified that the person will no longer like me or be angry that I don’t want to do what they want me to. However that’s complete rubbish, I am a 23 year old woman and I am allowed to have my own mind and do what I want with my life. Although someone may be disappointed that you may not be catering to their every desire, it is important that you look after and stand up for yourself. So every time that you manage to say no – be proud of yourself, I sure as hell am!
  10. Managing to fall asleep without having flashbacks or nightmares
    Personally, I suffer with PTSD thanks to an abusive childhood and so falling (and staying) asleep is a huge problem for me. If I am not lying awake for hours with my anxiety in overdrive as I overthink everything that I should be trying to forget, then I am waking up several times a night in a cold sweat and/or crying thanks to a traumatic memory or thought that decided to crop up and ruin my peaceful sleep. Waking up well rested is amazing and makes me so thankful and proud that I was able to stay in control of my thoughts before bedtime.

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