Blog On Conference Ice Breaker

While I was at my awesome day at the Volair Spa in Knowsley (read about it here) I convinced a few other blogger friends to come and join me at the Blog On Conference in Manchester at the Museum of Science and Industry.  This is taking place tomorrow and means I will be getting up around 5am (yay). I have never been to Blog On before and so I am very nervous and scared about meeting so many people (thank you anxiety!) but as I said in a previous post I am refusing to let my anxiety stop me doing things this year! I saw that one of my favourite bloggers Codiekinz had done a Blog On MSI Ice Breaker post, and I thought it looked awesome so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon!

  1. Share a recent photo of you (or a doodle!)
This is me with my lovely cast mates for our latest production "Afternoon at the Seaside" at the Morecambe vintage festival :) x
This is me with my lovely cast mates at Ad Hoc Theatre Company for our latest production “Afternoon at the Seaside” at the Morecambe vintage festival 🙂 x
  1. Describe yourself in five words or less
    Bubbly, anxious, listener, smiley, ambitious.

    3. How long have you been blogging, and why did you start?
    I have been on YouTube for around 4 years now I think and started during my time at university with my channel EmmieMumsieBeaver based around mental health and the importance of self care. I use it to offer advice and support through my experiences with bipolar and anxiety disorders. I have had this blog for around two years, however I have only just really started to focus on working on it properly. I love writing and there is plenty that I would like to say that wouldn’t really fit on my channel, and so I think that this is the perfect place for that.

    4. What are you hoping to get out of Blog On?
    I am majorly excited about all of the talks such as the YouTube talk so that I can hear from other bloggers and get the opportunity to meet some lovely people from different brands and can find a load of new blogs to follow! Also, we have been advised to bring an actual suitcase for all of the freebies which I am still in shock of…

    5. Name a few of your favourite blogs.
    So many! To keep it to a minimum so that this section doesn’t go on for years, here are just a few. The lovely Jenny, Codie, Kiah, Laura, Rebecca, and Bethan to name but a couple! I love them and you should definitely go check them out! (Also, they are super, super lovely in real life so lots of cuddles to them!)

    6. What’s your favourite social media platform(s)… and what’s your username?
    I have never really been a big Twitter fan (I know right – a blogger who doesn’t like Twitter?! I’m a freak! @emmietogneri) but I do love Instagram, I think that would be my favourite at the moment, follow me at @emmiecat18 🙂

    7. Share a fact about you no-one would guess.
    I don’t really drink alcohol unless I intend to get very drunk and be out for a long time, I’m definitely not a “glass of wine at the end of the day” kind of girl.

    8. What’s your favourite bit of tech?
    Definitely my phone! It’s never out of my hand. It does absolutely everything so why wouldn’t I love it! A camera, messenger, Instagram, snapchat….and Tumblr. All hail Tumblr!

    9. If you won the lottery, how would you spend your winnings?
    If I won the lottery then I would pay off my family’s debts as well as treating them and thanking them for helping me out when I was struggling. I’d also indulge my best friend’s guitar obsession and buy him all of the things! Then finally, get on a plane (hopefully with said friend if he wanted to) and go travelling till the budget ran out!

    10. If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?
    Hmmm tough call. I think I would love to interview Jared Leto because he just seems to be able to do everything and be so talented with all of the things. Nobody should be that talented!

    Oh my God I'm in love with him as the Joker!
    Oh my God I’m in love with him as the Joker!

    11. Share a funny (or favourite) memory from your life.
    Too many to think of! I quite like any time I get to swim in natural waters like a river or lake. Swimming in Lake Windermere a few summers ago with my family was pretty special…until I realised I didn’t have a towel and so would have to drive back sopping wet!

    12. What is your favourite book (or film if you’re not a big reader) and why?
    Ooooo very tough call! Probably Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach. Really good twists and so well written.
    13. What picture is on your phone/tablet lock screen?
    A steam punk Pikachu in a hat. Yeah, just let that sink in…

    The best lock screen. Ever.
    The best lock screen. Ever.

    14. If you had an hour of time all to yourself, how would you spend it?
    An hour long Lush bath with the latest book I was reading and a cup of tea.

    15. What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given?
    “If you’re going through hell, keep going”. Although this is a Winston Churchill quote it is still a phrase that I live my life by. As I have bipolar and anxiety disorders every day has to be experience in the moment as things can (and always do) change pretty rapidly. Bad times are going to happen but if you just keep going and plough through then you will come out the other side. I love this quote – so much so I have it tattooed on my left foot….bit of pointless information for you there about my feet. You’re welcome.

I am so excited for this day and will be bringing my camera so I can bring you guys along with me and let you in on the day. Expect lots of updates on social media – especially my Instagram! Who else is going to be there?



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