Mooncup Review

With all of this talk of tampon tax which the Tories seem to have no intention of scraping any time soon (I am so very sorry you feel like I should be taxed for bleeding!), I decided to start looking into alternatives – and this is when I came across the Mooncup. What is a Mooncup you ask? Well the Mooncup is a small silicone cup which you insert into your vagina in place of a tampon to collect menstrual blood. I was initially (and I think quite understandably!) terrified at this idea. I was supposed to manoeuvre something that resembled a space craft of some kind up my hoo-ha with the set of acrylic nails I always seem to be sporting at the moment, without somehow slicing into myself and creating a scene out of the next Tarantino movie!

Well at least it feels like that!
Well at least it feels like that!

Despite my initial terror, I watched a butt ton of YouTube videos from vloggers like Keira Rose, and thought to myself “hey! No, I can do this shit! I am a grown ass woman, quite your moaning!” So I did a ton of research and bought my Mooncup off Amazon for £16.94 and got size B as I had not had any children. When it first arrived it looked a lot less intimidating than I first thought, and seemed like it was going to be a lot easier to fold and squish than first expected.

Inside the box comes an instruction leaflet telling you a bit about the Mooncup as well as ways that it can be folded to make the insertion process easier. There are so many different methods of folding your Mooncup which can be found on their website and include the C-fold, punchdown fold and 7 fold. Personally, I’m a fan of the C fold – simple and easy, I have no time for complicated methods when I’m focusing on not impaling myself on my nails!

Since I have been using Mooncup I have saved an absolute fortune! Sadly, I am one of those poor and unfortunate souls who have periods lasting longer than 8 days (I know, I accept gift baskets of pity…and wine), and so keeping up with the costs of dealing with said period was no easy task! I have never been on a very high wage and with a box of tampons averaging £3 a box (of 20) and generally going through 2 boxes a period, I am now saving around £55 a year!

At first, I was worried that the Mooncup would not be comfortable as it a lot larger than your average tampon. However, as they are made from medical grade silicone they are bendy and fit to the shape of your body so I can’t even feel it there at all – which can be dangerous if it has been in there too long – stay alert kids! The main difference I love is that you don’t get that dry and nerve breaking feeling when you try to remove a tampon. Tampons absorb up to 35% of your vaginas natural moisture and so removing them can sometimes be a painful experience, especially on your lighter days. Mooncups don’t absorb any moisture and so won’t dry you out.

If like me, your period can be very irregular and hard to predict then a Mooncup could be just what you need. When your flow can be vastly different from day to day, it can cost a fortune (as well as taking up a lot of space in your bathroom!) just to be prepared for all scenarios that could crop up. It’s awesome because you can use the Mooncup throughout every stage of your period and it holds up to 3 times more than a regular tampon so you never have to be caught short.

After using my Mooncup for nearly a year now I can safely say that I will never go back. I have loved my experience and the little canvas, drawstring bag that it comes in means that I can take it anywhere discretely so that if I do drop my bag and it accidentally falls out, I don’t have to die of shame when my Mooncup lands at the feet of the hot cashier I’ve been eyeing up for the last month as he remains clueless! Sorry to sound a little preachy, but I really love it and anything that saves me money is alright with me!

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. I really love my Mooncup and think everyone should give them a try…well that and I really like writing reviews!


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