My Relaxing Day at Volair Spa in Knowsley

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get invited to Volair Spa in Knowsley and it really was an awesome experience. I have never had a “spa day” as such and so I was a little apprehensive, especially as it involved meeting a lot of new people. The past week I have been in a mild hyper manic phase and so now I am suffering with the inevitable downer that always follows, and so I was more nervous than I would usually be. I have promised myself that this img_5184year I am not going to make my bipolar or anxiety hold me back. If I get opportunities, then I am going to allow myself to be excited about them. I am so glad I went!


When I arrived (late! Sorry again!), I was greeted by Hayley who was really friendly and welcomed me with a dressing gown and slippers so I could go and get changed. I jumped into my tankini, that didn’t match at all cause I’m a terrible at being a girl, I then went to sit with some other lovely bloggers. The lovely people had laid out some pastries, juice and herbal teas for us and I certainly made use of the pastries – nom nom!

We split into two groups after a quick chat introducing ourselves and my first experience was to sit (on some amazing reclining chairs might I add) and have a facial experience with Hayley. She was so funny and talked us through the importance of taking our make up at the end of the day. I must be completely honest with you, it is very rare that I remember to take off my make up, and if and when I finally do, it is with a face wipe and brute force for that pesky eye make up!

However, after this really informative talk where we used some gorgeous products from Aroma Works which smelled absolutely beautiful! We first used the purity eye cleanser which was an oil that we rubbed onto our hands and then applied to our eye areas to loosen any existing make up. We also used a facial oil that was specific to our individual skin types, mine was for oily skin.

img_5187 img_5188 img_5189 img_5190 img_5192As someone with a very oily face (sounds grim I know, sorry) I would personally never have thought about putting a facial oil onto my skin as I thought that it would have just made things worse. But I must say that after this experience my skin has never felt better! Even now, the day after, my skin feels really soft and looks glowy – to the point that I haven’t felt the need to put make up on! This never ever happens, I put a full face of make-up on to answer the door to the post man! So I’ll definitely be looking out for these products as soon as payday hits! I learnt so much in this talk and I think I may have even been convinced to stop being so damn lazy with my skin care…

We then went into one of the lovely treatment rooms to watch a Crystal Clear micro-dermabrasion facial treatment, something which previously had honestly scared the living hell out of me! I always thought that it was something akin to sandblasting your face with high powered suction and coarse crystals – but it couldn’t have been further from the truth! The therapist showed us the crystals and placed them on our hands so that we could see just how small and smooth they were on the skin. We then got to feel the machine on our skin so we could see that it really didn’t hurt – it just seemed like a tiny, tiny hoover! I really would love to try one and the fear has certainly gone.img_5197

Then we had lunch which was a buffet with different sandwiches, wraps, crisps and fruit and more importantly we were greeted with prosecco! After a few glasses of prosecco and a good chat with the girls we then went on to our second experiences. To do this, we went downstairs and we got to smell a selection of exfoliation sugar scrubs and choose one that we loved. My favourite was the lavender one as it reminded me of all of my relaxation things that I use at home. We were given a shot glass full of our chosen scrub and at first I was worried that this wouldn’t be enough. However, the consistency is more like a jam than anything else, and covered my whole body easily. We then washed it off in the shower and moved on.

Volair Spa has an Alpine Herbal Sauna and Salt Crystal Steam Room and so we took advantage of these. Admittedly, saunas usually fill me with a bit of a sense of dread as the high temperature and tiny rooms often mean that I struggle to catch my breath and end up having a panic attack. However, one of the things that I loved about this sauna room was that the door was glass and so I could see out and understand that I was not trapped.

img_5198 img_5199The steam room felt lovely as well and we were dripping with sweat in minutes (sorry! TMI?). The only thing is, as my vision is so terrible I really can’t walk more than two steps without my glasses so I had to wear them inside. This meant that they steamed up every ten seconds, which although funny, got annoying after a while, but that is just the fault of my shocking vision – thanks genetics! Volair have an offer where two people can visit the spa for just £15 and I think I’m going to treat me and my mum to pamper day before Christmas.

We then went back upstairs and were given goodie bags to take home with us. We said goodbye to everyone and recording a quick video testimonial before leaving. Considering I had to then drive over 60 miles home I didn’t have chance to look through my goodie bag however when I got back I had a look through all the great things I had. There are a lot of samples of the products that we have used throughout the day and a voucher to return (which I’ll definitely be using soon!).img_5201 img_5203 img_5204


Disclaimer: I was asked to attend the event but writing this post was not compulsory, I just really loved my day!



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