My First Blogger Event!

Look at me with a lanyard and everything!
Look at me with a lanyard and everything!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to go to my first blogger event and it was one of the most wonderful days ever! I had no idea what to expect, and was exceptionally nervous at the idea of going alone, however the wonderful Codiekinz ( convinced me otherwise. Since I have learned to drive and have my own car now I didn’t have an excuse to not get myself down there so I bought a ticket and got myself down to and event organised by the fantastic Jenny ( The event was held at Fruit and Fibre café and craft shop which was a great little venue, it was quite hidden away as I struggled to find it. However, when I was there it was actually really close to the town centre! It’s a great little place, really cute inside and the food that they provided on the buffet was absolutely beautiful – like seriously, I went back for thirds! Nom! The selection for vegetarians was fantastic as well, something I normally struggle with when eating out in new places, but there was some really inventive and tasty stuff. The chef was telling me he had made a humus made with beetroot and kidney beans – it was absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t get enough.

Choker and gemstone from Noctua 🙂 love it!

We had a little talk from all of the brands that had come to see us and they gave us a great insight into what they did and showed us some of their brilliant products. I especially loved Noctua (, who also did a jewellery workshop with us as well where I was able to make an Amethyst bracelet, one of my favourite gemstones! I seriously have a bit of an obsession with the jewellery they make there, and I would definitely recommend taking a look at their website, there is some really beautiful pieces on there. I got myself a ring and an Onix choker with a leather string, it’s gorgeous and I haven’t really taken it off since I got home

New rings from Noctua!
New rings from Noctua!

We also got a goody bag! This still seems completely surreal to me, the idea of being given so many great things. I thought I would share with you what was in my goody bag J

First of all there was a box from Derma V10 which they announced as “a blog post in a box!” which consisted of five products. The first of these was the Derma V10 Make Up Mitt, I had never seen anything like this so when I saw it in my little bag I was intrigued. I have always been a lazy cow when it comes to skin care and always end up falling asleep with my make up only to find my face has become one giant zit overnight…and I have nobody to blame but myself! But this thing is great! All you do is wet the cloth with warm water and wipe over your face to remove your make up! There’s no PH altering chemicals on it like in some cleansers and soaps and so it’s perfect for sensitive skin – so it’s ideal for me, to many times I have woken up with a red and blotchy face after using certain other cleansers – so this thing really is a god send!

Motives Cosmetics were there – and they gave us cake! It was delicious! 🙂

The second product was Derma V10 Q10 Innovations Moisturising Multi Radiance Cream.  I am always on the lookout for a good moisturiser as so far I have only passable ones. I am never going to be a beauty guru, all I can (and will!) ever do on here, is be as honest as I can be! This cream has both pomegranate and lemon extract as well as SPF 15 and since I’ve been using it, my skin feels a lot fresher and it wakes me up brilliantly in a morning, so I will definitely be getting some more of this stuff when it runs out!

The third item in my box was an Anti Aging Hand and Nail Cream with beeswax, vitamin E and SPF 10. Usually I am not really a fan of normal handcreams as they can sometimes be far too gloopy for me, as they take ages to dry out and absorb into the skin, however this one was good. It absorbed into the skin quite well, smells good and leaves hands feeling softy and not sticky and gross – which is always a plus!

The next item was Rescue Oil, essentially Derma V10’s version of Bio Oil. Being initially, and primarily a mental health YouTuber and blogger, I have of course tried Bio Oil in the past and reviewed it in terms of its abilities in reducing the appearance of self harm scars. I have been trying this stuff out, and although of course I haven’t been using it enough to see any visibly reduced scars, I am going to see this through and do a general review on it. I am really interested in seeing how this compares with Bio Oil as the Derma V10 version can be bought in pound shops whereas Bio Oil can cost upwards of £15 a bottle!

And finally, a large tub of Coconut Body Butter, this product is suitable for normal to dry skin. I love body butter and coconut is one of my favourite smells when it comes to cosmetics so I was of course excited when I saw this item in my bag! I was mainly amazed at how big the pot was! I was expecting tester size samples, however these were all full sized bottles! As I have been struggling so much financially lately I am definitely not fussed about using low price products as I by no means believe this means they are lower quality.

The best part about blogger events is making some amazing new blogger friends :)
The best part about blogger events is making some amazing new blogger friends 🙂

I have used Derma V10 products in the past, however I have not used the ones I was given so it was a nice surprise. I know a lot of people either haven’t heard of them, or are wary about trying them as they are often available from £1 and up! But I think that at such a low price they are certainly worth trying, and all of the products that I have ever tried from them have been fantastic. Not only that but they don’t test on animals either which really means a lot to me. I am going to be doing another blog post, entirely on this box from Derma V10 in the future when I have been trying these products over a longer period of times as I would love to do a proper review on them – really are some of my fave products!

We also got a bag of freebies from Lush! If you follow my YouTube channel (Emmie Mumsie Beaver) you will know that I am obsessed with all things Lush and so this was a dream come true! I was given two samples of cleansers: 9 to 5 and Ultrabland. I have heard a lot of good things about those of these however I have not had chance to try them yet but I will keep you posted when I do! There was also a full sized pot of Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask! I still can’t believe it! I have never tried this mask but it smells brilliant. It is green in colour and smells like after eights, it is taking all of my self restraint to not eat the thing! The best thing about this product is that it is self preserving, and so I don’t have to keep it in the fridge all the time. Normally when I keep face masks in the fridge, I forget they are in there until they go way out of date and I’ve wasted my money, but this is great! (I am aware I am making myself seem absolutely rubbish with my memory and organisation, but I swear I’m not totally useless!)

Lovely gems to make my bracelet in the workshop by Noctua :)
Lovely gems to make my bracelet in the workshop by Noctua 🙂

The folks at Taking Shape, a plus sized fashion company in Southport were also there and I got chance to see some of their items. They looked amazing! As a plus sized girl I do really struggle to find clothes that I like that actually fit. If they fit my tummy they don’t fit my boobs and vice versa, and don’t even get me started on getting this ass into a pair of jeans! But this looks fantastic, I was lucky enough to win a £50 voucher in the raffle so I will definitely be paying them a visit! They also put us a little nail file in the goody bag that has its own goody bag so it won’t become useless rolling around in my bag.

I also found a Crabtree and Evelyn Citron: Honey and Coriander ultra moisturising hand therapy cream and this stuff smells absolutely beautiful! It reminds me of when I used to be poorly when I was younger and my Nana would look after me and make me some handmade honey and lemon drink to make me feel better. It smelt amazing and was really refreshing. So this stuff, as well as being really good at moisturising my skin!, it also is really nostalgic for me which is nice.

The lovely folks at Bee Good sent us some Honey and Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser alongside a muslin cloth. As I said, I really need a good cleanser as my skin has got a bit out of control at the moment (due to my laziness alone might I add) so hopefully this will help me get a better handle on the situation! All you need to do with this product is apply a small amount onto dry skin, wet the muslin cloth with warm water and remove the cleanser with it. It smells really refreshing and has British Wildflower honey it as well, looking forward to trying this properly.

I made a thing! Thank you Noctua, it was really relaxing!
I made a thing! Thank you Noctua, it was really relaxing!

We also had some products from Moo Goo! I had never heard of these products before the blogger event but they seem really interesting. They were created with the intention of providing beauty products for people with really sensitive skin. I got a sample of Soothing MSM cream which sooths irritable skin. I have a skin problem across my tummy called Morphea, whereby I have a large bruise like marks on the skin which can sometimes become really itchy and irritated and this stuff has actually helped. Obviously I would need to have a larger tub to get a decent review on the long term use of the product, however if it works this well I will be buying some this Christmas as I haven’t found anything that helps really in the past.

They also gave me a product called “How Now Brown Cow” which is a gradual tanning full cream for the face and body. Now I usually really don’t use fake tan, but this stuff seems to be quite gradual and hopefully I can make it as pale as I can. I think I am going to have go, for the first time in my life I’m going to have a try at fake tanning! Wish me luck!

And finally, we were given some Pop chips (mine were salt and vinegar), these are not fried or baked like other crisps – they add heat and pressure until the crisps simply pop! These things didn’t make it past the car ride home I’m not going to lie and they were damn good! They were only 94 calories as well, and are suitable for vegans – so I didn’t feel all too guilty!

Goody bag unpacked!
Goody bag unpacked!

We also got vouchers from Cheerz for 5 free photo strips, 10% off at HoobyNoo World where I will getting some of their amazing jewellery (personally I’ve got my eye on a unicorn necklace they currently have in their shop!) As well as a voucher for 30% off at – I really want to get myself a new flower crown, they have some really beautiful things in there online shop.

Overall it really was an amazing day and I met some brilliant other bloggers, who I hope to be seeing again soon. I can’t wait for the next event! Please keep an eye on my YouTube channel where I will be posting an unboxing video as well as video reviews on certain products. As you know, I am usually more of a vlogger, but I am looking to get into blogging more – but I am still getting used to it so please forgive me if this is not the most polished entry that will be on here! Speak soon.
Emmie x


Bye bye Liverpool :) see you soon!
Bye bye Liverpool 🙂 see you soon!

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