Here’s Why Adults Have Gotten Back Into Colouring…

Show me any fully functioning adult who tells me that they do not miss their childhood and I will show you a liar! Whatever the reason for our desire to get back to our days of playing in the sandpit and chalking out hopscotch outside our front door, it’s a strong desire that most of us share. As a twenty something millennial, I am certainly no exception. A lot of people close to me will tell me that I am exceptionally childish in the things that I enjoy, for example I love Hello Kitty and I am a connoisseur of all things unicorn. However, why shouldn’t I be?

I am a twenty two year old woman who, after graduating last year with a 2:1, sees absolutely no future in her life. All of the dreams I allowed myself to have as a child are gone, as I realise I simply cannot achieve such amazing feats, that I won’t become a world class psychotherapist within a year. That I won’t be able to afford to live alone till I am at least 24 years old and will have to continue to share a house with friends. That I am slowly going drown under my thousands and thousands of pounds worth of student debt that is most certainly only going to die with me. That maybe always dreaming to have kids by the time I was 26 was a bit too premature as I get worryingly closer. I can’t afford to have kids now, I work shifts, I’m never home. But…what if we wait too long and then we can’t have kids? What if I can’t have kids at all?! As I realise that working is not all it is cracked up to be; as I work twenty four hour shifts for minimum wage.

In short, this is so not where I thought my life would be at 22 years old.

I feel like I am a complete failure.

So, I hope that after that exceptionally depressing paragraph explaining my (latest) existential crisis, at least in part, has helped you understand my reasons for delving back into my childish pleasures. I cling to my childhood, like so many other adults, because we want to be back in a simpler time. A time when the largest decision I had was whether I wanted jam on my toast or Nutella instead of mortgages, crushing debt, bills, rotas, minimum wage and borderline poverty! Who the hell wouldn’t rather have sandcastles and imaginary dragons?!

So much de-stressing...
So much de-stressing…

I think this is why everyone seems to be into these things at the moment. We are at an all time high when it comes to stress and busyness in our lives. Our days are longer, most of us work weekends/bank holidays/nights and the rewards we get for all of this are a lot less. So we seem to have found an outlet, and I must say, I am enjoying this trend! I have been into Mindfullness for a while (probably gonna be a whole new blog post on this on its own) but this is something that has helped me with this.

The art therapist Marti Faist told the Baltimore Sun, “

When someone is coloring, their mind and body are operating in a more integrated way. It’s almost a meditative process… I’ve watched people under acute stress, almost panic-attack levels, color and have their blood pressure go down very quickly. It’s cathartic for them.”

And that is just it. I zone out completely and can just colour without thinking about anything. When I have to many things to do and far too many things zooming through my head worrying the living crap out of me, I can just start colouring. It’s being productive without actually doing anything really…I mean who can’t get on board with that!?

You can even do it on the go now, as they say, there’s an app for that! Click here and here for the Google Play store for android devices and here for the apple store, for some awesome colouring books for adults that you can do on the go, straight from your phone. And you don’t even need any pencils or paper!

And finally, there is seriously an adult colouring book for everything….and sadly I do mean everything (click that link at your own risk!) There’s one based around Mindfulness, there’s Anti Stress ones, there’s ones for Insomnia, one about Cats, even one’s about Ryan Gosling and Unicorns! There really is something for everyone I guess…


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