The End of Mumsie Beaver…?

So as the end of mental health week 2015 has drawn to a close I am really sad to see it leave us for another year. It’s been fantastic to see other content creators come together on YouTube and create interesting content surrounding mental health in the interest of raising awareness and destroying the stigma surrounding it. Mental health week was great for me, it took a lot of planning and organisation, but it was worth it. It gave me a chance to explore a range of topics and see what others had decided to create with the #mhw2k15. It was fantastic and I am really proud to have been a part of it. I hope you all enjoyed it as we did and hopefully will see you again next week.

Although, after creating my own content and watching other peoples, it did make me realise I think I want to go in a round about different direction with my channel and this little blog I run. Don’t worry I am not going to stray away from being a mental health YouTuber! That was what I wanted to do when I first started creating YouTube videos and I am certainly not going to stop now. However, mental health awareness week certainly changed how I believe that I want to represent mental health on this channel and accompanying blog.

Mental health affects all of us, every single individual one of us, whether we have a mental illness or not. And because of that, I don’t want to solely make videos about mental health. Mental health and mental illness are just a regular part of our lives and they sure as hell don’t define us, so why should my channel be solely about mental health? Mental health is not just about disorders, psyc wards, medication and therapists. It’s also about friends, self care, looking after yourself, and just generally enjoying your life! Whether that be by reading a book, or going shopping, or for a woodland walk – whatever makes you happy!

Am I making any sense? Because reading this back I am not entirely sure that I even understand myself to be perfectly honest! I know what I want to say in my head, and maybe the vlog I put on my YouTube channel to accompany this blog post some time in the near future will be a lot clearer for you to understand (hopefully!) All I know is, I am certainly still going to make mental health videos that give advice, share my experiences and give information and helplines and useful tools (website/apps/books) etc to fellow sufferers of mental illness. I will continue to create and upload videos aimed at raising awareness for mental illness and mental health for those people who do not suffer from mental health issues, as a step towards destroying the stigma that is attached to mental illness.

However, I will also be creating other videos – lifestyle videos, haul videos, vlogs and update videos. As I want to show that although mental health is extremely important to me, and the raising of awareness is such a large part of my commitment and initial motivation to this whole YouTube thing. But although I suffer from bipolar, that is not all that I am as a person! It’s such a small part of who I am and I don’t want to create the impression that as soon as someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, all other aspects of their lives must cease to exist as the rest of the world just crumbles and implodes around them, like all areas of fun are swallowed into mount Doom as the eye of Sauron looks on laughing maniacally!

No. A mental illness diagnosis is not a death sentence. And I don’t want to contribute to that idea anymore here online. And so in short, after a very rambly (probably misunderstood!), blog post, here is what I hoped to get across:

1.       I will continue to make mental health and mental illness videos on YouTube and keep trying to raise awareness around mental illness and destroy the social stigma that surrounds it.

2.       I will however be making other kinds of videos i.e. lifestyle videos, hauls, vlogs, opinion pieces and Q and A’s etc. Mental illness does not define me, nor anybody else, and so I hope to show myself in a slightly more three dimensional light.

I would love to hear your opinions on this, so please do let me know in the comments. I hope you will support me with this idea and come along on the ride with me, but if you have any questions or concerns then please do let me know and I will answer you. Thank you so much for your support up until this point, it means an awful lot to me, and I have loved my time on YouTube so much. Thank you, much love and have a fantastic day!

Emmie xxx


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