ASMR ~ What is it and why am I tingly?

Personally, when I was a child, I would often experience a pleasant physical sensation across my scalp and through my chest, when I was especially interested in something, if someone played with my hair, or if someone was whispering or talking softly to me. This sensation has followed me into the terrifying world of adulthood however now I am here and I try and explain this to people, I am met with looks that seem to condemn me to the nearest secure psychiatric unit!

I can’t explain it, I know it sounds weird but I was sure I wasn’t alone…it couldn’t just be me surely?! Well no! It wasn’t. I found out that lots of other people share this response, I wasn’t a freak after all! Well, not in this way at least… I found that the experience had a name and a huge YouTube following with tens of thousands of videos dedicated to it. Where had this been all my life?!

ASMR was a bit of a mystery to me until I looked into it a bit more. I had heard a few things from other people in the past, but they had never gone fully in depth into what it was and how it made you feel, so it was still a bit of a delicious mystery to me to be honest! I am assuming you are coming into this blog post either knowing nothing about ASMR or at least next to nothing, so hopefully I can shed a bit of light on the subject.
ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response) is categorised by a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back and other peripheral regions of the body (for me it’s my chest mainly). People who experience ASMR will have certain triggers that will set off this reaction in their body for example, crinkling plastic sounds, nails tapping against a hard surface, whispering or scratching etc. A lot of the more popular videos on YouTube will use binaural audio equipment to simulate a three dimensional environment and advise the viewer to wear headphones so the noise can follow them from ear to ear.

Although a lot of videos are just ambient noises such as scratching, crackling or inaudible whispering, my personal favourites have to be the role plays. Now the second I say the words role play, my mind, being the gutter ball that it is, cannot help but be thrown into some kind of fifty shades sexual dominance situation! However, that is certainly not the case here, there is nothing sexual about ASMR despite what some people who do not experience it will say.

These role plays can be of a variety of situations such as checking in to a hotel, the ASMRtist performing a cranial nerve exam on the viewer or cleaning their ears, performing a spa treatment, cutting hair and many more. My favourite top three ASMRtists on YouTube at the moment have to be TheUKASMR , Whispers Unicorn  and my all time favourite, Cosmic Tingles ASMR (click their names to be directed to their YouTube channels – go check them out!). They are all absolutely fantastic at what they do. and I have created a playlist of all of the videos I like to play my way through when I am feeling especially stressed, check that out here .

Although ASMR may still confuse some people, it sure as hell helps and soothes me to complete relaxation. So why not give it a try? Let me know if you also experience ASMR or if you think I am completely insane! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,

Much love,

Emmie xxx


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